Hello World!

We are New Designers, the first student-run design agency in The Hague. Take the opportunity to be responsible for running your own digital agency. Determine your role within the agency and work together in a team of international CMD students. Please send us an email with your portfolio if you want to apply as a new designer.

What we do?

Visual design

From company styles, wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes, we design digital interfaces for everyone.


Our members are UX researchers by heart. They dive into design questions and place themselves in your users shoes. We promise that as a client you'll get a fresh angle.

Web Development

We specialize in translating designs pixel-perfectly into modern JamStack websites.


Customers come to us with design issues that we translate into suitable solutions, such as complete style guides, websites and apps. New Designers members mainly work for external clients from the business world, but also do design work for THUAS lectorates and other educational initiatives. Students work in multidisciplinary teams when realising projects. Our goal is to have every design built and put live, so that the end product will be used IRL. Do you want to collaborate or have a design question waiting to be answered?

Please submit your project here


In addition to working for clients, members also have the option to work on own ideas within the incubator. For example, if you have an idea for your own product, we will help you with the business model, marketing and from introduction to external partners to possible investment rounds. Have a great idea? Please send us an email if you want to apply for our incubator.